Message From Brittney Wagner - March 30th

Posted by Brittney Wagner on

Today's encouragement is all about Neighboring. Today begins our Shelter in Place in NC, so there's no better time than today to get out and explore your neighborhoods. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet, greet, invite, buy groceries/supplies, watch children, write letters, and pray...

Message from Colin Denton - March 26th

Posted by Collin Denton on

We're excited to share some worship resources to encourage and uplift you during this time. Check out these Worship Playlist Recommendations from our Worship Team. Enjoy them as you worship throughout your day and are reminded of the truth of the Word. Click here for message

Message from Pastor Sharp - March 24

Posted by James Sharp on

Today we want to share some family discipleship resources to keep you and your families engaged in the Word and connected with others. Got to Stay Connected! or click here. Click here for message If you have any needs in the coming days, PLEASE reach out to...

Message from Pastor Sharp - March 19

Posted by James Sharp on

Over the next weeks, we want to keep you informed of what's happening in the life of our church and how you can dive deeply into God's Word, connect with your family and friends, or love and pray for our community. Click here for message If you have any needs in the coming days...

Going through Storms

Posted by Kevin Jones on

Going through Storms Are you in the middle of a storm in your life? Maybe your job is getting the best of you and you can’t catch a break. Maybe your marriage isn’t going as well as you hoped. Maybe there is a relationship in your life that is causing pain and frustration. Maybe...

One Word Blog Series: Well

Posted by Brittney Wagner on

For several years Life Church has challenged its staff, elders, covenant members and regular attenders to prayerfully consider a single word on which to focus for the year.  This closely follows the process presented in Mike Ashcraft & Rachel Olsen's book, "My One Word"...

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