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All is well

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Many times this past month, I sang along with the voices of Michael W. Smith and Carrie Underwood as they sing the words taken from an old hymn - one that proclaims a truth of this world.

That silent night many years ago, in a dirty barn, the words “all is well” were felt by two young parents.  Mary and Joseph held an incredible secret that was yet to be told. Very few knew that the world was forever changed by the baby boy trembling in their arms. He would grow to teach, heal the sick, raise the dead, and also endure incredible ridicule and suffering. Then He would willingly be nailed to a cross to cover every past and present wrong.

Dear friends, many of you are in seasons of pain, loneliness, confusion, or even waiting. I may not know the details that make up the hard parts of your stories, but I do know one truth...

All is well.

Your current circumstances do not define peace. The wellness of this world doesn’t depend on the numbers in your bank account, the security of your job, or even by the love of your people. This world is WELL because a Savior adores you so much that He gave His life to cover yours.

Every Christmas, my family follows an advent reading plan (Thanks, Pinterest!) with our two girls from The Jesus Storybook Bible. (Parents, this book is such a favorite in our house because each story makes a beautiful connection to Jesus and the gospel story.) At the end of the story of Adam and Eve’s first sin, it says that “in another story, it would all be over and that would have been….The End.” Then it very dramatically pauses as the reader turns the page, “BUT not in this story.” God’s story for us is one like no other. Even from that first mistake, God had a plan to make this world right and whole again, and that answer was through His Son, Jesus. Because of His perfect life and death, we can be well, and whole, and healed.

Be assured that wherever you are in your story, Jesus already came to make you well - not just somewhat well, but abundantly well.

All is well, sweet friends. And one day, He will return again, and this world will forever be under His glorious reign. There will be no hurt, no worry, no loneliness, and most beautifully, we will sit at the feet of our Father, Our Savior, Our Well-maker!

As we enter into a new year, cling to the promise that “All is Well!”

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

All is Well by Michael W. Smith


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