Jan 07, 2018 | Chris Shelton

Life in 2018: Increasing Christ

Acts 2:46

“It’s better to do SOMETHING about ONE THING than NOTHING about EVERYTHING”

John 3:22-30

We exist to lead people to life in Jesus Christ
We accomplish this by making disciples who are engaging in:
Gospel-centered WORSHIP
Gospel-centered COMMUNITY
Gospel-centered SERVICE


1) Increase opportunities for connectedness into church-life through group+life

Acts 2:46 

People will grow when they’re known

Make Room for More...

  • More Life Groups
  • Short-Term Groups
  • Mid-Size Groups

2) Take Responsibility for our community by being good neighbors

Luke 10:29

Good Neighbors...

  • Collectively/Individually
  • Pursuing our community
  • Contributing to a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural church presence in our community
  • Collaboration with other churches

PICTURE: Cemetery Wall

“If we are not reconciling, how can we call ourselves the church?” (John Perkins)

3) Continue to shift the paradigm of our volunteer culture to be defined by ownership, disciple-making and multiplication

“Come to serve, NOT to be served.”

Welcome to LifeKids

4) Emphasize and facilitate participation in one-on-one discipleship

Matthew 28:19
Hebrews 5:12-14
Hebrews 6:1-3

Mentorship Program
Everyone mentoring or being mentored by someone.

5) Launch a comprehensive ministry to men that is multi-generational and innovative in nature

6) Narrow our mission focus locally on our schools

College & Young Adults
Middle & High School

7)  Firmly establish a reputation for being a sending church (not a destination church)


8) Complete the development of a comprehensive CARE ministry that meets needs among our church family in an expedient and extravagantly loving way

9) Complete renovations on our building by developing unoccupied space

10) Hire Additional Staff: Grow our staff team to adequately meet the needs of equipping the body of Christ for works of service

Hire Additional Staff:

  • Additional Pastor
  • Communications Coordinator

How will this happen?
What is my responsibility?

Proverbs 16:3 

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