Dec 01, 2019 | Matt Perez

Hope: The Promise Fulfilled

Matthew 1:20-23

Hope in the Waiting

Big Idea: The Christmas season reminds us that in a broken world hope can be placed in a faithful God.

Matthew 1:20-23

 I. The brokenness of this world provides us with moments of uncertainty where we must decide if we are going to trust God or something else as we wait for events to unfold (Isaiah 7.1-15).

II. During times of uncertainty we must remember that our future rests in the hands of Immanuel (Isaiah 7.16-8.10)

III. During times of uncertainty we must remember that God is faithful to His promises (Isaiah 8.11-9.7)

Isaiah 9:2-7 

John 1:1-5

John 1:9-13

Three truths for us to rest in during times of uncertainty:

  1. Times of difficulty are special invitations God gives for us to place our hope and trust in Him during trying seasons.
  2. God provides hope to the believer as we see in God’s Word His promises are realized and fulfilled even when we struggle or are not at our most God honoring.
  3. Finally, if I am here today and I do not consider myself a Christian or have not placed my faith in Jesus Christ see that God offers and extends the hope of Christ to those who will turn to Him.

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