May 13, 2018 | Chris Shelton

Exodus (Pt. 24): Light in Dark Places

Exodus 25:31-40

Porch Light

Exodus 25:31-40



The Lampstand

  • ‘Menorah’ (Hb.) mĕnowrah
  • Made out of 1 talent (75 lbs.) of hammered, pure gold
  • 7 lamps formed out of 6 curved branches and 1 central post
  • Cups/lamps in the form of almond blossoms, buds and flowers
  • Fed by oil and burned continually (Lv. 24:1-5)
  • Placed opposite The Table on the south side of the tent


Purposes of the Lampstand:

  • To LIGHT the Holy Place
  • To REFLECT the Tree of Life (Gen. 2:9; 3:22)
  • To ILLUMINATE the Bread
    “Then make its seven lamps and set them up on it so that they light the space in front of it.” -Exodus 25:37
  • To REPRESENT the mission (Ex.19:5-6)

John 6:35 

John 8:12 

Matthew 5:14-16  

Revelation 1:19-20 

It’s not the CHURCH that’s SACRED;
It’s the MISSION of the CHURCH that is SACRED.

John 1:5 

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