Jun 28, 2020 | Matt Perez

Ecclesiastes: The Meaning of Everything - Hard-wired to Be in Relationship

Ecclesiastes 4:4-16

Ecclesiastes 4:4-16

Our Focus Today: We need to let God show us the meaninglessness of that which the world says has meaning, so that He can put life under the sun in proper perspective. 

I. In the end the chasing of money to find meaning will leave you feeling empty (Ecclesiastes 4:4-6)

To toil out of envy is vanity

To fold your hands and refuse to work is foolish.

Better to approach work letting God fill your hand with what you need and rest content in what He has provided. 

II. You were built to find meaning in relationships  (Ecclesiastes 4:7-12)

To toil hard with no one to share life is vanity.

Better is to be in a meaningful relationship with both God and others.

We are hard-wired for relationships. - Genesis 2:18 

We are made in the image of our triune God. - Genesis 1:26

We are wired to love God and love our neighbor. - Matthew 22:37-39 

Christ shows us how our love should flow out toward others, not bent in toward self love. - Philippians 2:1-11

III. Finding meaning in toil will not satisfy because in the end those who lead are forgotten (Ecclesiastes 4:13-16).

Earthly rulers will lead and be forgotten, but there is one who reigns for eternity in Jesus Christ. 

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