Dec 03, 2017 | Chris Shelton

Awestruck (Pt. 1): Without Words

Luke 1:1-4

    ADVENT - Adventus (Lt.) meaning Coming or Visit

    The Season of Advent:
          • HOPE (Week 1)
          • LOVE (Week 2)
          • JOY (Week 3)
          • PEACE (Week 4)
          • LIFE (Christmas Eve)

    Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, NOT because of what is HAPPENING, but because of what has HAPPENED

    Luke 1:1-4 

    The story of the first Christmas meets us in the midst of SKEPTICISM

    Luke 1:5-7 

    What do we do with the promises of God when it feels like they are impossible and absurd?

    Luke 1:8-10 
    Malachi 1:11 
    Luke 1:11-12

    Awestruck:  Lost for words; a deep hush of the soul

    Luke 1:13

    The first words of the Gospel are, “Do not be afraid.”

    Luke 1:14-17
    Malachi 4:5-6 
    Luke 1:18-25 

    Christmas is...
       • A CHALLENGE for the despairing to BELIEVE that it is never too late for those who wait upon the Lord

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