Apr 14, 2019 | Ronnie Stutler

Acts: The Early Church - Pt 12 - Hosanna

Acts 9:19-43

Matthew 21:4-11 

Zechariah 9:9

Hosanna (Hebrew - Ha-she-ya-Na)
Hoshiya Na  meaning Save; Please

Hoshiya Na

  1. First Cry for Help 
  2. Then Shout of Hope and Exultation
  3. Finally Salvation

What are we going to do with the Holy Spirit? 

Acts 9:19-43 

ILLUMINATION -  ministry of the Holy Spirit

Acts 1:8

What are we going to do with the Holy Spirit? 

" Although Jesus was the God-man such that he possessed a fully divine as well as a fully human nature, it seems clear that the bulk of Jesus' day-to-day living occurred as he fulfilled his calling, obeyed the Father, resisted temptation, and performed his confirmatory miracles, fundamentally as a man empowered by the Spirit. He lived his life as one of us. He accepted the limitations of his humanity and relied upon the guidance the Father would give him and the power the Spirit would provide him to live day by day in perfect obedience to the Father."  -- Bruce Ware

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