2018 Elder Nomination

    To submit a nomination for elder, please either complete the on-line Elder Nomination form or download the 2018 Elder Nomination Form and return the completed form as instructed. 

    Nominations closed on September 16, 2018. 

    Elder Leadership at Life Church

    Our church governing style is described as elder-led, where the church-body, in submission to Christ, gives authority to servant-leaders (elders) to care for and lead the church. This keeps our decision-making process efficient and focused on accomplishing the vision and mission of our church.

    Although there are many different interpretations of Elder Leadership (based on church tradition, denominations, etc.), here is how we define the role of an Elder:

    A Leader in the Church of maturity and experience, with spiritual understanding, who assists in exercising godly care over the spiritual life of a local fellowship.  An Elder does not lead by ruling over the church, but rather by setting a spiritual example.  They are called by God, recognized and affirmed by the local church and entrusted to lead.

    Our Process

    Elders are nominated by the church body and examined by an Elder Selection Team (made up of Elders and members, diverse in gender and age) for recommendation and final appointment.  

    Elder Qualifications

    All elder nominees should reflect and meet the biblical qualifications for elders outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.  Before nominating someone or accepting a nomination to be considered as an elder, please prayerfully consider the following qualifications from 1 Timothy 3:1-16 and Titus 1:1-16:

    • Above reproach (blameless)
    • Husband of one wife
    • Lives wisely (sober-minded)
    • Self-controlled, self-restrained, disciplined (temperate)
    • Good reputation, well-respected BOTH within and outside the church
    • Hospitable, enjoys having people in the home
    • Able to teach
    • Not given to drunkenness
    • Not violent or quick-tempered, but gentle
    • Not quarrelsome or divisive, but peaceable
    • Not a lover of money or dishonest gain
    • Manages family well, children are respectful > ability to care for the church
    • Not a new believer
    • Sincere, full of integrity
    • Loves what is good, upright and holy

    The following qualifications for deacons (1 Timothy 3:8-13) would also apply to elders:

    • A clear conscience 
    • Tested
    • A wife worthy of respect, not a slanderer, self-controlled and faithful

    In addition, candidates for elders should also meet the following requirements:

    • A member of Life Church, fully embracing the vision/mission of the church
    • Ability to work in unity with others
    • NO immediate relation to a current staff member or elder
    • Availability to devote necessary time to serve as an elder
    • Faithful in attendance, consistently serves, gives financially regularly and is involved in gospel-centered community (Life Group)
    • A consistent devotional and prayer life and knows the Scriptures

    For more about our Elders and a list of our current Elders, CLICK HERE

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