Connect Through Service

A life of fullness is a life of generosity, and a life of service is the overflow of being a disciple of Jesus.  We have all been created with a unique set of gifts, talents, strengths, and abilities, and when we offer these gifts to others in service, it not only brings life to us, it also brings life to others. Using our gifts to serve the church allows us to further develop our gifts and maximize our potential in a world where Jesus has called us to be His Light.

Life Church is proud to be directly involved in the work of the Gospel in our local community and all around the world. Each week, a significant percentage of tithes and offerings collected goes to support both local and international partners who are intentionally sharing the hope of the Gospel with others.

Ways to Serve or Learn More

Getting Started

If you are ready to volunteer/serve, please take a moment to fill-out the Volunteer Interest Form.  Please note that some of our ministry teams have guidelines before volunteering can begin such as length of attendance, covenant membership, training, and/or background checks. Once your form has been submitted, someone from our connection team will be in contact to help get you started.

Volunteer Interest Form

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