Life Groups

Life Groups have one simple purpose: to connect people and Do Life Together!  Life Groups are small groups of people who meet on a weekly basis in homes or other locations around the community. They are a place to create relationships, to deepen friendships and to find encouragement in growing in your relationship with Jesus.  Life Groups also focus on serving together and meeting the needs in the community.

Which Life Group Should I Join?

We understand that schedules and life can be hectic so each group decides its own meeting times, discussion topics, and child care needs. Groups meet at different times and locations. For specific details, please contact the group leader by clicking on the email icon beside the leader's names.  

Life Groups are a vital part of Life Church. If for some reason none of our available life groups fit your needs, please fill out the Life Group Interest Form below and we will be in contact with you. 

Life Group Interest Form


Doing Life Together

Leader: Kevin & Cybil Jones   
Meets: Thursday 7:00 pm
Childcare: Not provided
Location: Spencer

Our group is made up of younger married couples. Some of us have multiple children; others don't have any. We meet each Thursday night to try to figure out how to better love others as we embrace God's love for us. We each find our own childcare.

In the Middle of Life ..... Group

Leader: Randy & Sandi Meeks  
Meets: Monday 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Childcare: Not provided
Location: Salisbury

We welcome couples and individuals who find themselves in the middle of this life. We discuss and examine issues affecting the Church and Christians today. Our desire is to learn from the Bible, each other and to develop loving and caring relationships. 

FirePit Misfits

Leader: Derrick Camp    and Jo Mullis  
Meets: Friday 7:00 pm
Childcare: Children welcome; however, no childcare/activities are provided
Location: Life Church Annex

Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in or were just different? We will accept you as you are, where you are in your life, and call you family. Come join our group as we learn and grow in Christ each week but, most importantly, as we love on one another. Our name might say misfits but we fit well together because the glue which holds us is Jesus’ love in us.  Our group welcomes all ages; couples or individuals.

Growing Together In Christ

Leader: Caleb & Katie Efird  
Meets: Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm
Childcare: Not Provided
Location: Salisbury

In this life group, you will find young married couples who desire to grow closer to God and closer to each other. Each week we will meet to study either a book of the Bible or a study by a reputable Christian author or pastor. Week-in and week-out, we will work to know each other more deeply - sharing our hearts and lives, asking tough questions, and bearing each other's burdens.  We will seek to meet each other's needs, encourage growth, and help each other thrive.

Country Life

Leader: Ronnie and Cathy Stutler  
Meets: Friday, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Childcare: Children are welcome
Location: Western Rowan County, Cleveland

Our life group is focused on disconnecting from the world, so we can connect to Life in Jesus Christ.  Our goal is to build biblical community and help others grow in love for God, His Word, and each other – then to spread that love to the world around them.  Our group is open to all ages and life walks.  Come out and lets live life together.


Leader: Josh and Brittney Wagner  
When: Thursday at 7:00 pm
Childcare: No childcare
Location: Granite Quarry

We are a group of young married couples with or without children who desire to grow closer to the Lord and closer to each other as families. Our group will meet weekly to study God's word, serve together in the community, and connect with other families. We also get together regularly just for fun!

Marvelous Moms

Leader: Rachel Steelman  
Meets: Wednesday 11 am - 1 pm
Childcare: Children Welcome
Location: Salisbury

If you're a mom looking for fellowship and support in the tremendous blessings and challenges of motherhood, this group is for you. It's also for you if you're looking for friends who will be glad to see you even when you're 45 minutes late and wearing yesterday's yoga pants.

Reset Lifegroup

Leader: Derrick Camp & John Willis  
Meets: Every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm
Childcare: School age children welcome
Location: Salisbury

The purpose of this life group is to share fellowship with others engaging in study and activities with the common goal of growing closer to each other and Jesus.

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